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Our Services

High-Frequency & Quant Trading Solutions

We specialize in high-frequency and quant trading technology solutions. Our team comprises of experienced trading solution developers and professional traders with a proven track record in both the traditional and digital asset markets.

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Fintech Development

We provide Fintech development consulting to clients seeking to develop cutting-edge solutions for their businesses. We advise on the most optimal technology stacks as well as development teams. We assist clients on their development strategies to select the optimal solution(s) that best fits their plans and objectives.

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Blockchain & Digital Asset Consulting

We provide Blockchain or Decentralized Ledger Technology (DLT) advise to clients looking to adopt a technology that is revolutionizing industries across the globe. Additionally, we consult on the use and pros and cons of digital assets and how and where opportunities may lie for businesses in this relatively new asset class.

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Our Partners

We continue to strengthen our global presence by growing our network of strategic partners and clients.

Why Inbase?

Our team has decades of experience navigating challenging strategic, financial, and technical landscapes.

Experienced Technology Builders

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs with a proven track record. Laying the foundations back in 2014 when they were partners in venture building and Fintech investing, our founders’ hands-on work in developing several alternative financial services and trading technology solutions proved a catalyst in the formation of Inbase Partners. Their early entry in developing high frequency and quant trading solutions and strategies and their eventual pivot of the technology for the digital asset investment class were critical in becoming one of the leaders in this field.

Our core team and several core advisors have known each other for over a decade and have worked together on numerous successful technology ventures. We have decades of combined hands-on experience in developing, operating, and accessing markets for fintech solutions and trading platforms.

Proven Track Record

Our team has a proven track record in venture building, fintech startups, trading solutions, and accessing capital markets. We specialize in challenging, unconventional situations that require exacting analytical, industry, and structuring expertise. At Inbase Partners we leverage a network of the brightest minds and experts to provide our clients with thoughtful, informed advice on all aspects of technology, product development, operational structuring, and market activity.

We are recognized as market leaders through our focused approach in financial technology and the digital asset markets, providing structured advice and technology solutions designed to meet current and future client’s needs.

Dedicated to Digital Assets

We are committed to supporting and improving the digital asset ecosystem in which we operate by investing and participating in the foundations of an integrated ecosystem. Through our early establishment in this fledgling industry we are primed to be at the forefront of the ecosystem, strengthening our position through development of all aspects of the digital asset transactions market (trading solutions, automated strategies, exchange technology, tokenization, etc), which is the core advantage of Inbase Partners.

We have partnerships in areas that are important to the success and development of the digital asset space and seek opportunities to support projects that keep our ecosystem strong and empowered.

Managed Accounts Services

We provide access to our trading solutions and strategies through our Managed Account services to qualified investors. Our offering provides exposure to our proprietary quant strategies through our trading platform while allowing investors to maintain full autonomy over their accounts.

  • Access to professional algorithmic trading strategies
  • Autonomous round-the-clock active trading
  • Maintain control and actively manage your own accounts
  • Exposure to our proprietary trading platform including risk management
  • No lock-up of capital or assets
  • Monthly cost based on platform and strategy performance


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