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We continue to strengthen our global presence by growing our network of strategic partners.

Why Inbase?

Our professionals have decades of experience navigating challenging, strategic, financial, and technical solutions.

Experienced Advisors

Our founders are serial entrepreneurs with a proven track record. They laid the foundations of Inbase Partners back in 2014 when they made grounds into venture building and fintech investments. Through their involvement in developing several alternative finance and trading solutions early on and their subsequent tailoring for the digital asset investment class, the basis for the next generation capital markets advisory firm was established.

Our core team and several core advisors have known each other for over a decade and have worked together on numerous successful blockchain and fintech ventures. We have a combined hands-on experience of more than 80 years in developing, operating, and accessing capital markets for fintech solutions and trading platforms.

Proven Track Record

Our team has a proven track record in venture building, blockchain startups, fintech solutions, and accessing capital markets. We specialize in challenging, unconventional situations that require exacting analytical, industry, and structuring expertise. At Inbase Partners we leverage a network of the brightest minds and experts to provide you with thoughtful, informed advice on all aspects of digital assets, capital formation, company structuring, and market activity.

We are recognized as market leaders through our focused approach in the digital assets market in providing structured advice and investment solutions designed to meet current and future client’s needs.

Dedicated to Digital Assets

We are committed to supporting and improving the digital asset ecosystem in which we operate by investing in and participating in the foundations of an integrated ecosystem. Strengthening the ecosystem through our participation in all aspects of the digital asset ecosystem (exchange, tokenization, brokerage, custodian, etc) form the core advantages of Inbase Partners.

We have partnerships in areas that are important to the success and development of the digital asset space and seek opportunities to support projects that keep our ecosystem strong and empowered.

Digital Capital Market

Inbase Partners is a blockchain and digital assets expert with unwavering focus on clients’ needs.

Digital Assets- an ascending asset class

We derive our edge through harnessing the brightest minds in the business. We achieve our objectives of producing attractive token solutions for a variety of market environments because of our experience, expertise, and disciplined approach.

Our clients benefit from our edge in developing offerings across equity, security, utility, and payment tokens as well as a host of other customized tokenization solutions to meet your individual company requirements.

Today Inbase Partners has executed or contributed to over 60 ICO/STOs.

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Understanding Digital Assets
  • Represents access to a protocol or service
  • Powers a blockchain ecosystem’s economy
  • Value is derived from value of the platform
  • Key to growing blockchain communities
  • Typically conducted through unregulated crowd sales
  • Backed by a tradeable asset
  • Introduces counterparty risk
  • Aligned with relative securities laws and regulatory environment
  • Expected to find liquidity on secondary markets
  • Technological enhanced tokenized financial instrument
  • A subset of the security token
  • Represents the ownership of an asset
  • Expected to provide profits for investors
  • Legally enforceable with programmable smart contract features
  • Conducted through regulated private and public offerings
  • Resembles currencies or monetary instruments
  • Represents a payment unit of an economic activity in general or for a specific use
  • Can be substituted for fiat currency in general use
  • Can be used for storing or transferring of value
  • Does not represent third party value but takes its price from market forces

Our Track Record

Our firm is one of Asia’s leading digital assets advisory firms. We had previously, under the FundYourselfNow (FYN) brand, advised on and contributed to over 60 token offerings globally who had collectively raised more than $300M, before the advisory part of FYN was officially absorbed into Inbase Partners.

“…the team has hugely contributed to Viola.Ai pre-sale of the token issuance that was sold 5 days before the end date. They helped a great deal with marketing, content and network building, as well as in guiding the Viola.Ai team with strategic insights that would be beneficial for our public token fundraising. Thank you for being an invaluable partner for Viola.Ai”

Jamie Lee, Co-founder of Viola.Ai

“…the team has helped us with marketing and creating programs such as the fundraising bounty program for Wandx. They have provided us with strategic guidance and ideas that has helped boost the token fundraising significantly”

Abinhav Ramesh, Founder & CEO of WandX

“… the team is a great resource for startups that need help with marketing and primary token listing advise. The team has been a helpful partner to the Olympus Labs team from the early stages of the fundraising project all the way to this day as we develop our app”

Kai Chen, Founder & CEO of Olympus Labs

“… the team has been a great strategic partner for us in Singapore and in global media. They have helped us spread the word about the Genaro Network project. Their team has always been responsive & supportive and we still cooperate with them on a regular basis as part of their corporate coverage program”

Andrea Liu, Genaro Founder and COO


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