Financial Planning & Strategy

Tax Analysis

By reviewing the business model, target markets and future business development strategies, we are able to facilitate advice to formulate the most optimal legally compliant tax strategies for our client’s business, fundraising projects, and business objectives. The review will influence corporate structures and fundraising structures that would need to be put in place.

Token Economics Modelling & Strategy

We are able to consider micro/macroeconomic factors to advice on both security and utility tokens in a blockchain ecosystem. This will determine not only the target fundraising amounts but most importantly the token structure and distribution to all participants in the blockchain. Additionally, we advise on the valuation and financial planning of the fundraise.

Banking Relationship Management

We assist our partners with referrals to and setup of banking solutions through a variety of connections and options to meet the business and fundraising objectives. Furthermore, we further assist clients in managing banking relationships to meet regulatory compliance in relation to AML and KYC policies and procedures.

Escrow Services & Wallet Management

We are able to provide escrow services to hold tokens to be issued and funds or digital assets to be distributed pursuant to clearly pre-established conditions or targets thus enabling more security, risk management, and avoidance of fraudulent activity. We are also able to manage both hot and cold wallets with the utmost levels of security.

Financial Reporting & Auditing

Digital assets/cryptocurrencies are so novel that financial practices have not adapted or caught up with the dynamic nature of the industry. As such, it may be challenging to do reporting and auditing within the current financial policies and regulations. With our expertise we are able to facilitate regulatory compliant financial reporting and auditing for digital assets.


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